For those searching for the rare, there’s Perifly


Perifly, the brainchild of Steven Nathan – a self-described “lifelong student of luxury” – was founded on his vision of bringing a premium alcohol and drinkware (glassware and bar must-haves) gifting platform. For those passionate about something a little different when it comes to liquor, the concept of gifting applies to treating others as well as oneself.


There is a deep and rich history relating to the history of alcohol and the origins of cocktails. Perifly’s offerings are more than products – they each tell their own stories. As humans, we are always looking to innovate and to create, as well as to have people at our table, sharing precious memories together and celebrating every occasion. Each of these moments deserves something unique, something exclusive, something rare.

Whether it’s a bespoke glass, a handblown ice bucket (from Murano glass), an extra-large ice cube or a rare bottle of the most desirable and delicious wine or spirit, Perifly has embarked on a fascinating and inspiring journey to keep searching for the rare.

Nathan is joined by a team with passion and expertise. Together, they have built this first-of-its-kind platform for the eternally curious who are on a quest for the extraordinary.

As a platform, we endeavour to become Africa’s champion of premium alcohol, luxury barware, bespoke experiences, and that ever-elusive rare thing. The carefully curated, often exclusive, range of both local and international brands offers something for every discerning buyer, collector and gift-giver.

Perifly also understands that every person is an individual with unique tastes and preferences. With exclusive use of 8POD (innovative AI technology), the platform is enabled to intuitively adapt to the wants and needs of each visitor in real-time. This guarantees that every shopping experience is not only seamless but memorable too.

Behind every brand, there is a story. Behind every story, there is an experience. Committed to a zero tolerance for anything less than sheer customer delight, the platform has its eyes set firmly on perfecting its rhythm of superior, exceptional customer service ensuring that every purchase offers that experience and every bottle tells that story 

Perifly is on an eternal quest for the rare. You’re invited along for the adventure of a lifetime.