Low Calorie Drink Options

They say summer bodies are made in winter and for those who subscribe to this philosophy this read is for you.

With so many exciting low calorie drink options around you, you can stay sociable and stay fit.

Vodka soda – made by combining Albatross vodka with unflavoured club soda, better known as the “skinny bitch”. With just 133 calories per 225ml serving – it’s one of the lowest calorie drinks you can order. Throw in a few freshly squeezed limes for a twist and this one is hard to beat.

Tequila on ice, one of the easiest drinks to make while also being low in calories. A single shot of tequila – 42ml is only 99 calories. Choose from a selection of Perifly’s sipping tequilas from Satryna to Ocho. If drinking it neat isn’t for you add some sparkling water or soda and freshly squeezed lime for a low calorie cocktail.

Gin and low calorie/sugar free tonic. By swapping out for sugar free tonic, the popular gin and tonic with 56ml of Geometric Gin and 118ml of sugar free tonic is only 128 calories in total. Best coupled with the Symmetry Botanical essence (citrus or floral) for some extra punch and flavour.

Switch from a classic Martini to a dry Martini for a lower calorie option while still feeling like James Bond – a dry martini has more gin (70ml) and less vermouth (15ml) bringing this classy drink to only 195 calories. Best made with our Geometric Gin and perhaps topped with a splash of bitters for an added twist of flavour.

The light Cuba Libra. By simply switching out Coke for Diet Coke, you change the calorie count of the classic Cuba Libra cutting back on 33% less calories while still enjoying one of the old time favourites. Best served with our Elephantom African Rum delivering a rich round and fruity flavour.