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Geometric Gin Cape Dry Gin

Geometric Gin is distilled from neutral spirits and fine grape spirits resulting in a textured silk-like gin. Using a combination of fresh juniper, citrus and cardamom followed by heathery fynbos. Geometric Gin boasts the perfect floral and fruity mix and a delicious, smooth gin well-suited to sipping. Geometric is a post modern definition of Classic Cape Dry Gin.

W&P Extra Large Ice Cube Tray – Blue

A great-quality ice cube tray can elevate your refreshment game whether you like whisky on the rocks or an ice-filled cocktail. This extra large ice cube tray is made with a silicone-wrapped steel interior rim alongside the outside of the tray to provide strength and rigidity for easily filling and mess-free transport to the freezer. When ready, the cubes pop out of the tray without any trouble.

Symmetry Botanical Essence Floral Tonic Essence

Symmetry Floral Tonic Essence draws its inspiration from our country’s Victorian influence and rich floral landscape. It features African lavender, chamomile and leaves from the pungently fragrant rose-scented pelargonium. This indigenous plant is sourced in the cooler mountain areas of the Cape, and is treasured for its alluring rose fragrance.

Ingredients: rose, pelargonium, lavender, chamomile, cinchona bark, lemon, ginger, lemongrass

Floral goes fabulously with delicate and floral Gins (Symmetry), vodka, rum or tequila.

Alternatively serve over ice with sparkling water, 1:3 ratio to taste. Garnish with Lime zest, Cucumber, lavender, star anise and Spekboom.

What Comes In The Gift Box?

1x Geometric Gin Cape Dry Gin
1x W&P Extra Large Ice Cube Tray – Blue
1x Symmetry Botanical Essence Floral Tonic Essence
1x Gift Gard With Personal Message (Optional)



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