Ledaig Dusgadh 42 Year Old


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Unveiling The Ledaig Dùsgadh 42 Year Old Whisky: A Rare Gem Emerges

On the picturesque island of Mull stands Tobermory Distillery, a venerable institution tracing its roots back to 1798. Formerly known as Ledaig Distillery, its legacy is a tapestry woven with resilience, revival, and the mastery of Scotch whisky. From its tranquil abode arises two distinct expressions: Tobermory, crafted from unpeated malted barley, and Ledaig, renowned for its robust, peaty character. Operating in a unique seasonal rhythm, Ledaig is distilled for six months of the year, alternating with Tobermory.

Enter The Ledaig Dùsgadh 42 Year Old, a limited-edition marvel commemorating the awakening of the first Ledaig spirit in 1972. “Dùsgadh,” meaning ‘awakening’ in Scottish Gaelic, encapsulates a milestone in the distillery’s saga, emerging as the rarest and oldest Ledaig ever unveiled.

Distilled from peated barley, this exceptional whisky commenced its journey in 1972, maturing gracefully in a selection of hogsheads and butts within the Mull warehouse. In 1989, these hallowed casks journeyed to the mainland. Yet, it wasn’t until 2001, under the watchful eye of Master Blender Ian MacMillan, that the whisky found its true expression. Transferred to Gonzales Byass Oloroso sherry casks, it matured for fourteen years, returning to Tobermory Distillery in 2006—a symphony of smoky depth and velvety sweetness, adorned with a radiant chestnut hue.

As Dùsgadh awakens, we bid farewell to our beloved stills. The copper vessels that shaped Ledaig’s character for over four decades have retired. In homage, each box contains a handcrafted copper memento, a tangible reminder of their legacy.

Notably, these bottles emerged from Distell’s warehouse with the merger of Distell and Heineken. Only 500 bottles were crafted, and we proudly offer 16—the sole representatives in South Africa. Globally, few remain available, making this a coveted treasure for connoisseurs worldwide.

Embrace the legacy of The Ledaig Dùsgadh 42 Year Old—a rare gem of heritage and craftsmanship, a testament to the enduring spirit of Ledaig.

Tasting Notes


Rich and complex, intense phenolic sherry aromas. Sooty smokiness, fragrant wood, toffee apple, briny with some sweet biscuit maltiness.

Quite dry evolving to a rich smoky olorosso sherry character. Massive complex layers of dark chocolate, coffee and cherry liquors. Extremely smooth, well balanced with spicy ginger and black peppercorn overtones.

Dry, smooth and spicy, satisfying and very long with a salty smoky tail.

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Single Malt
Country / Region of Origin
Hebridean Island of Mull, Scotland
Year / Vintage
42 Year Old
Strength (alc %)


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