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Symmetry Floral Tonic Essence draws its inspiration from our country’s Victorian influence and rich floral landscape. It features African lavender, chamomile and leaves from the pungently fragrant rose-scented pelargonium. This indigenous plant is sourced in the cooler mountain areas of the Cape, and is treasured for its alluring rose fragrance.

Ingredients: rose, pelargonium, lavender, chamomile, cinchona bark, lemon, ginger, lemongrass

Floral goes fabulously with delicate and floral Gins (Symmetry), vodka, rum or tequila.

Alternatively serve over ice with sparkling water, 1:3 ratio to taste. Garnish with Lime zest, Cucumber, lavender, star anise and Spekboom.

Tasting Notes

Golden brown

Tasting notes
Brewed from lavender, chamomile and leaves from the pungently fragrant Rose-scented Pelargonium


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Floral Tonic essence
Country/Region of origin
Cape Town South Africa

4 reviews for Symmetry botanical essence Floral tonic essence

  1. Darla

    Louise-September 23, 2023 thank you for sharing your experience. I am more than excited about trying this product now. I purchased it on a whim hoping it would be a great alternative and your review has given me hope! Thanks.

  2. Louise

    Bought this product due to being a diabetic and wanting an alternative to soda. Well it has now become my go to beverage. I sleep like a baby and woke up feeling so refresh and alive. The natural ingredients in this drink really made a huge difference in how I feel as well as clarity in my thinking!

  3. Perifly Customer

    Great alternative to soda. It is natural, full of botanic flavour. If you like gin & tonic, this is really the best there is.

  4. Amara

    I have been searching for a great tonic for my gin and I’m so glad that I stumbled upon this one. It has zero sugar and is made with natural ingredients. Plus, the packaging is really beautiful.

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