Our story begins over half a century ago in Jalisco, Mexico when the legendary Tequilera Newton created a unique tequila for their oldest friends, the grandparents of our founder Nitzan. 70 years and three generations later, Nitzan, decided the spirit deserved to be shared with true aficionados around the world.

And so began a journey that would eventually lead to the advent of Satryna, a small batch, hand-crafted 100% agave tequila unlike any you have experienced before.

Satryna’s incomparable tequilas – Blanco (Triple Distilled), Reposado (Triple Distilled), Anejo (Double Barrel) and Cristalino (Anejo Claro) – are the product of three generations of Mexican craftsmanship and over 70 years of experience. As it has been done for decades, our tequila is made from the finest and sweetest blue agave sourced from the rich volcanic soil of Jalisco near Guadalajara. Following 10 to 12 long years of nurturing, by which time it is ripened to perfection, each hand-selected plant is then carefully harvested. After being steam-cooked for 24 hours and triple distilled, the tequila is then aged in French oak barrels imported from Cognac, and American oak barrels from California. This unique balance of the centuries-old art of tequila making and modern distillation techniques gives Satryna its complex character, purity and distinctive smoothness. Our tequila’s inspiration and soul are derived from the tradition of the festival of Dia de los Muertos – The Day of The Dead. Satryna is even named in honour of La Catrina, one of the celebration’s most recognisable symbols.