The 10 Best Tequila Bars in the World

With the launch of Satryna Cristalino Tequila, exclusive nationwide only to Perifly, it seems fitting to explore the wonderful world of tequila and where in world to go to find the best hotspots for drinking it!

From the corners of the earth spanning continents we have sifted and selected and brought you our top picks!

1) La Capilla – Tequila Mexico

The oldest bar in tequila, in a tiny Mexican town. The drinks list here is all about the Agave.  Famous for its batanga, much like a Cuba Libre but made with tequila instead of Rum and was created by La Capilla owner – Javier Del Gado Corona back in 1961. If you find yourself in this small town, don’t miss La Capilla, you might even get lucky and the man himself, now in his 90’s may mix your drink!

2) Cafe Pacifico – London

London’s first Mexican tequila bar termed the grandfather of tequila bars in the UK. Founded by Thomas Estes, the godfather of tequila and ambassador of the liquid to Europe. With a vast tequila and mezcal menu this cantina style dancing den is not to be missed.

3) Agave – Hong Kong

For a night of tequila shots, Agave is the place to go. With a range of roughly 150 brands of 100 percent agave tequila and a menu boasting more than 30 different and exciting tequila based cocktails – the tequila lover need look no further.

4) Mesa Verde – Melbourne Australia

Obsessed with agave and boasting one of Australia’s largest collections of tequilas and mezcal. Mesa Verdes range and inventive list of cocktails appeals to both tequila novices and aficionado’s. Be prepared to get into trouble and enjoy the spirit that Jimadors and Mezcaleros spend decades to perfect.

5) In situ Mezcaleria – Oaxaca

Mezcal lovers will delight in this Mezcaleria that has over 100 different kinds to sample. Owner Ulisses Torrentera has written a few books and articles about Mezcal and is always on hand to discuss the complexities of his favourite drink. The walls are lined with bottles of Mezcal documenting every varietal – most of which you would never have heard of – In situ is more like a museum to Mezcal.

6) 400 Rabbits – Austin Texas

Choose from the drinks section titled “fun and flirty”, “mild mannered” and “big and brash” depending on your mood. Named after the Aztec myth of the goddess of agave Mayahuel, who gave birth to a swathe of rabbits.  Try the Despertar de Muertos made with mezcal, grapefruit liqueur, lillet rose, grapefruit juice and a little absinthe.

7) The barking dog – Copenhagen Denmark 

A tiny pub dedicated to cocktails. The drinks list is eclectic, specialising in mezcal and tequila poured in some quirky cocktail creations.  For somewhere comfy and cosy, good music and great vibes the barking dog hits every note!

8) 400 Conejos – Guadalajara 

More of a tasting room than a bar per se, 400 Conejos is an advocate for the spirits of Mexico. If you want to explore rare agave spirits and stuff you’ve never heard of, then this is the spot. The owner Esteban Morales has a serious knowledge which he imparts on his patrons.

9) Tommy’s – San Francisco

Boasting one of the largest collections of 100% agave tequila in the world with a Tequila club with more than 7000 members. Tommy’s has become a real institution. Serving only 1 cocktail – a twist on the classic Margarita, omitting the triple sec and replacing it with organic agave syrup. You will most certainly order another round.

10) Mezcalogica – Oaxaca Mexico

When the owners are part of a lineage mezcaleros and know the spirit inside and out, it’s no wonder this bar makes the top 10 cut. Dark, moody and laid back with an extensive mescal menu, definitely worth a visit.