The art of Nom – now available at Perifly

If you’re looking for a true celebration of craftmanship under one roof – this really is the real deal!

Jacob Lustig, launched ArteNOM in 2010. He really knows his stuff when it comes to the Tequila business although born in California, he spent much of his childhood travelling with his mother to Oaxaca Southern Mexico. ArteNOM is the only brand that is being made at multiple distilleries, where each master distiller creates their own piece of art.

ArteNOM takes a non-traditional approach to their unique portfolio by working with idyllic Tequileros at their respective distilleries to create a line-up of expressions as unique as the distillers themselves. With distillers Felipe Camarena,  Sergio Cruz, Enrique Fonseca, Ramon Sandoval and Don Salvador Torres of Cascahuin – this is arguably one of the most. Respected special collection in Tequila. We at Perifly strive to search for the rare and ArteNOM certainly delivers. As the name indicates through ArteNOM, these distillers are truly able to showcase the ART of their NOM.

The portfolio explores a wide range of agave terroir, from El Arenal in the valley to the mountain town of Jesus-Maria, which at an elevation of 2069 meters –  makes it the highest altitude agave region. Each distiller has a unique fermentation process – including wild yeast, field yeast, Mendoza wine yeast and commercial yeast, making the flavours in this profile unrivalled amongst other single collections

ArteNOM seleccion de 1123 Blanco. This blanco commonly known as silver tequila, is created by Don Salvador Rosales Torres, at Destileria Cascahuin in El Arenal. Barrel conditioned for 21 – 28 days in brandy casks that previously held Oaxacan mezcal, completely additive free with earthy, vegetal and herbaceous notes, this. Delicious blanco has all the earthiness we love from Cascahuin, but the time in the barrels adds a buttery, smokey taste – a must try!

ArteNOM seleccion de 1414 Reposado. This reposado born from estate grown agave in the highlands of Jalisco and produced at Distileria El Ranchito, with zero additives in order to let the tequila profile and terroir shine through. Feliociano Vivanco began cultivating highland agave during Mexico’s tumultuous  post-revolutionary period 1919-1929, in Arandas Jalisco. The next four generations of Vivanco’s remained devoted to expanding the families agave plantations, culminating with the realisation of a dream – acquiring their own distillery – Destileria. El Ranchito. With approximately 2000 acres of estate-grown agave at their disposal, the Vivanco family has since become renowned for making rich well balanced tequilas. A playful tequila, one of the best reposados on the market. Clean with a great finish.

ArteNOM seleccion de 1146 Anejo. This Anejo was created by master distiller Enrique Fonseca at Tequilena in the town of Tequila and produced using Agaves grown in the highlands near Antotonilco el Alto. 100% additive free and aged for almost 3 years  –  first in Cabernet Franc wine barrels for 14 months and then laid into toasted American white oak (previously used to age either Canadian whiskey or Tennessee rye whiskey) for an additional 14 months minimum. Fermented with Mendoza wine yeast strains, creating a unique and unforgettable complexity.

When choosing tequila, it’s important to pay attention to the quality of the product. There are different grades of tequila, including silver (or blanco), gold (orjoven), and aged (reposado and añejo). Aged tequilas tend to be more expensive and have a more complex flavor profile, but some people prefer the crisp, clean taste of silver tequila.